New Jersey Garage Door Openers Repair & Install

garage-door-opener+keypads-new-jerseyGarage door openers endure a lot of damage throughout the years. Garage openers typically last for many years at a time without difficulties. The sad thing is, they’ll eventually break-down. The good thing is that you may possibly not need to replace it straight away. Our professional specialists can repair it quickly.

Garage Door Opener Installation New Jersey

Garage door openers may run into a range of issues. Simple things like the remote not working any more to the pulley system no longer functioning can certainly stop a garage door opener in its tracks. Everyone of these difficulties are problems that a skilled tech can repair at a low cost. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today if your garage door opener is having any problems. Our services are not only limited to openers, our technicians can work on and repair any garage door part. Ask about our lifetime warranties on our repairs and free estimates on your next service.

3 Types of Garage Door Openers

  1. Belt Driven Openers
  2. Screw Driven
  3. Chain Driven

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers New Jersey

We carry a comprehensive line of LiftMaster garage door openers, and will repair any issue that emerges without having to swap the entire system. Sometimes we do suggest changing the system if your automatic garage door opener is more than eight years of age as the modern enhancements in innovation will create a far more reliable and functional garage door for many years to come.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers:

  • 8550 – Elite Series® DC Battery Backup Belt Drive
  • 3585 – 3/4 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 3280 – 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers:

  • 8360 – Premium Series DC Battery Backup Chain Drive
  • 3595 – 3/4 HP Heavy-Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 3275 – 3/4 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 3265 – 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 3255 – 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 3245 – 1/3 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 1355 – 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 1345 – 1/3 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers:
  • 3240 – 1/2 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener
  • 3130 – 1/3 HP Screw Drive Garage Door Opener
  • Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener:
  • 3800 – DC Motor Residential Jackshaft Opener
Genie Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement New Jersey

Genie manufactures New Jersey garage door openers along with keypads and accessories. Our professionals will certainly have the ability to replace your Genie garage door opener with a similarly featured device or repair the problems that you are experiencing.

Genie Garage Opener Repairs and Replacement

Retail Models Serviced

  • PowerMax® 1500
  • SilentMax®1200
  • ChainMax™ 1200
  • PowerMax® 1200
  • SilentMax® 1000
  • ChainMax™ 1000
  • PowerLift® 900
  • QuietLift® 800
  • ChainLift® 800
  • ChainLift® 600
  • BeltLift® 600

(Professional Genie Models Serviced)

  • TriloG™ 1500
  • IntelliG® 1200
  • ReliaG® 800
  • TriloG™ 1200
  • IntelliG® 1000
  • ReliaG® 600
  • GPower™ 900
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